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​Our mission

  • Promote volleyball.

  • Promote competitive, high-level sport for all.

  • Mobilize community players to inspire youth and families to get involved in amateur sport.

  • Build visibility at the local, provincial, national and international level.

  • Organize campaigns for charities.

Who are we?


Everton is a club created and managed by a group passionate about volleyball and the sport. We are committed to continually improving our programs and activities to provide:

  • development opportunities for players of all ages and skill levels

  • a healthy and inclusive environment to meet new people

  • opportunities to get involved in amateur sport as a volunteer, administrator or coach

Everton future.jpg

What sets us apart?

Everton is an independent non-profit organization that operates solely for the purpose of growing competitive volleyball in Montreal. We are not affiliated with any school or external structure which allows us to prioritize our mission and the interests of our athletes. 

We offer youth AND adult programs because sport is for life! We also offer a range of competition teams for experienced athletes as well as training groups for people who want to learn and improve.

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