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Policies: Everton Volleyball


The Everton Volleyball Club is an NPO which aims to develop competitive volleyball for all in the Montreal region. To do this, Everton offers training and competition opportunities to its members. Membership status is awarded to the person who completes the online registration form for an Everton program.

The member has the right to attend the AGM (annual general meeting), to present his candidacy for election to the CA (administrative council), and to vote during the election of CA candidates. Membership status may be revoked by the Board if a member fails to respect club rules and policies, disrespects other members or Everton stakeholders, or commits a criminal act during a club activity.

Members also receive the following benefits:

- priority program registration links

- support on all aspects of volleyball in order to achieve their sporting goals

- priority treatment for communicating important club news

- physical preparation and sports hygiene planning on request

- explanation and navigation plan of the RSEQ and Volley-ball Québec structures on request


In order to keep the costs of activities low and encourage ownership amongst club members, registration for our programs constitutes a contractual agreement between the member and The Everton Volleyball Club. This is governed by the law on distance contracts (

Gym rental fees, coaching fees, and equipment and operating fees are shared among members enrolled in the given program. An online sale is therefore final because it automatically generates sharing of activity costs with other members participating in the program.

Refund Policy

All online sales are final sale and include applicable taxes and a $50 club membership fee. Membership is valid for the current session.

If the club has to cancel training sessions, a later date or different programs will be offered to you for resuming the missed sessions.

In the event of a session missed for a personal reason, recovery in another equivalent program is possible but must be done during the corresponding session. Absences are not transferred from one session to another. Each new session begins with zero credits.

In the event of voluntary withdrawal, a refund is allowed using the club's equalization formula ($19.90 per training) less an administrative fee of $25 and less membership fees. The amount refunded will be calculated by adding 48 hours after the refund request.

Example 1 - I register for a session of 8 classes ($159) but I want to cancel before the start of the first class

Your place having already been reserved and your membership paid, you share the costs of gymnasium and trainer reservations as well as administrative costs with the other participants. You will therefore be entitled to a reimbursement of $84 calculated according to the following formula: $159 - $25 (administrative fees) -$50 (membership fees)

Example 2 - I miss 2 practices in the middle of a session for personal reasons in a 'training' program

You cannot request a refund because you continue to go to training, but you can resume the 2 missed practices in another 'training' program before the end of the current session!

Example 3 - I register for a session of 8 classes ($159) and I decide that I want to stop after 2 classes

I can request a refund and will receive $44 calculated according to the following formula: $159 - $39 (2 practices carried out) - $25 (administrative fees) - $50 (membership fees)

Selections - performance teams

Athletes are invited to participate in an observation and selection stage at the start of the season in order to be selected into the Everton Club competitive structure. The choice of selected athletes is exclusively the responsibility of the program's coaching team and will be based on the athletes' potential, attitude, and technical know-how in order to ensure a homogeneous level within each team.

Depending on their experience, athletes will be part of the team that will represent the club in official competitions or will be invited to join one of the development programs.

Changes may be made during the year. No athlete is guaranteed a place on the team or on the field, and athletes are asked to work hard to keep their place on performance teams. Athletes' placement on teams is continually evaluated by our coaching team.

Playing time - teams performance

Selecting the best player for each game is an important component of the spirit and essence of a competitive sports team. The competitive spirit involves not only selecting the best player, but also ensuring that the entire team functions cohesively and harmoniously.

Our coaching teams are responsible for ensuring not only the individual development of athletes but also the achievement of team and club results. Any athlete selected for one of the performance teams must respect the decisions of the coaching teams during the season and competitions. On the other hand, we always encourage open communication within our teams and our coaches are always open to discussing choices and reasoning.

Organization and volunteering
Everton is a non-profit organization created and passionately run by club players. All members and parents are invited to participate in the various activities, to come and encourage other teams in competitions and to get involved in the social and democratic life of the club. To find out more we invite you to send us an email to

Zeffy Platform

Zeffy is a payment platform for NPOs which gives us 100% of payments without fees, unlike other platforms which retain more than 2.5% + a fixed fee for each transaction. We thank them for allowing us to accept online payments, which greatly simplifies our management and allows members to pay by credit card. At the time of payment, the Zeffy platform that we use will invite you to make a tip. This tip is NOT mandatory, you can choose “other” and 0$.

Volleyball Risks

There are risks and dangers associated with playing volleyball. Examples of such risks include, but are not limited to, rigorous physical exertion, falls or collisions, dehydration, mechanical failure of volleyball equipment and transportation to and from the event, activity or competition. Volleyball injuries can be severe. The regulations put in place by our coaches exist to increase the level of safety for athletes and must be followed at all times.

Everton Volleyball Club and its stakeholders are not responsible for injuries, damages or losses. By registering for our programs, or registering your children, you agree to follow the instructions of our coaches, the risks related to volleyball, and assume responsibility for any injury, damage or loss incurred during the holding of our activities or travel to an activity.

Affiliation with Volleyball Quebec

For insurance and civil liability reasons, it is mandatory that participants in our training and performance programs be affiliated with Volleyball Quebec for the current season in order to participate in our activities. Each adult athlete or parent of a youth athlete must complete their affiliation via the Volleyball Quebec website here:

Personal equipment
The Everton Volleyball Club will provide, during its activities, the necessary equipment for team volleyball practice - gymnasium, court, net, balls. Participants are responsible for coming equipped with appropriate sports clothing for participation in volleyball training. This includes:

- indoor or volleyball-specific running shoes

- appropriate clothing (shorts & t-shirt)
- bottle of water

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