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Volleyball Risks

There are risks and dangers associated with playing volleyball. Examples of such risks include, but are not limited to, rigorous physical exertion, falls or collisions, dehydration, mechanical failure of volleyball equipment and transportation to and from the event, activity or training. competition. Volleyball injuries can be severe. The regulations put in place by our coaches exist to increase the level of safety for athletes and must be followed at all times.

Everton Volleyball Club and its stakeholders are not responsible for injuries, damages or losses. By registering for our programs, or registering your children, you agree to follow the instructions of our coaches, the risks associated with volleyball, and liability for any injury, damage or loss incurred during the holding of our activities or traveling to a activity.

Personal Equipment
The Everton Volleyball Club will provide, during its activities, the necessary equipment for team volleyball practice - gymnasium, court, net, balls. Participants are responsible for coming equipped with appropriate sports clothing for participation in volleyball training. This includes:

- indoor or volleyball-specific running shoes

- appropriate clothing (shorts & t-shirt)
- bottle of water

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